An Essay on Computer Education

An Essay on Computer Education

Since this is the 21st century, science has contributed amazingly to the new invention . The thing that is new today may not be so tomorrow. Out of the innumerable inventions of science, the computer is one of them. A Computer is an electric device that stores a large amount of data. It is a wonderful invention of science and technology. Those people who can operate computers are today’s people and those people who cannot operate computers are yesterday’s people still living in the present. It is easy to remember where the computer is not used rather than where the computer is used. To be specific, it is widely used at school colleges, universities, offices, banks, hotels, etc.

There are many advantages of computer. It has made human life very easy. A single computer can do the work of many persons very easily and fast. Students can learn new techniques of study from the computer. University students use computers for their research works. We know news and views of the whole world from the computer through the internet. Nowadays computer is taught as compulsory or optional subject in many schools, colleges, and universities. We can also play different games on the computer and take entertainment. Computers are widely used in big business farms, industries, supermarkets, etc. It saves time and money.

There are some disadvantages or drawbacks of computers. A single computer does the work of many persons which creates an unemployment problem. Children play games on the computers for a long time instead of doing homework. The computer makes people lazy. It is said that people who use computers for a long time suffer from bad eyesight.
Computer education is the need and call of the day. If we provide computers to our children, they can compete globally. Computer education should be provided from the beginning classes of school education. However, in case of Nepal, there is a serious gap between the students who are reading computer and who are not reading computer. The children of the elite group have access to computer education but those people who are poor and live in remote villages, they do not have access to computer education. It is expected that there will be no bias according to gender, race, ethnicity, educational background, economic background and geographical location.

Although there are some drawbacks of computer, it is as the basic need of people. It has changed human life by doing any work fast and easily. Its use and importance is increasing day by day. I think we must have the knowledge of computer to live the complete life in today’s 21st century.

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