An Essay on ‘Unemployment Problem in Nepal’

An Essay on ‘Unemployment Problem in Nepal’

The fact of a number of people not having a job is called unemployment. In other words, a person who has to pass time without having got a job to do is called an unemployed person. Unemployment is one of the most serious problems in Nepal. There are a number of educated as well as untrained people who have not got jobs. The number of such people is growing day by day due to this the unemployment problem in Nepal is also increasing day by day. Unemployment problem is also a serious problems of developed and developing countries. So, it is necessary to identify the causes and effects of unemployment.

There are many causes of unemployment problem in Nepal. First, the government has not been able to provide technical education at the school level. Second, factories and industries are not flourished well to fulfill the demand for jobs. Next, many of the people aim at only government jobs, which are not enough. Nepal is rich in agriculture, but most of the educated people do not want to work in farming and there is no adequate development of the agriculture sector. Moreover, Nepal has a lot of prospects of tourism which can provide a lot of jobs; but tourism is not developed well and satisfactorily. The frequent political disorder has also discouraged factories and companies to be developed. As a result, people have been hopeless about getting jobs in Nepal.

Unemployment has a lot of bad effects in Nepal. Many young people who are energetic and educated are going to other countries to do minor jobs. As a result, our country is losing great manpower which is necessary for the country’s development. Many students who are studying in different grades have lost their belief in educational degrees. Consequently, people’s, as well as countries’ economic status, is becoming weaker.

The problem of unemployment must be solved. People of all fields must do something in this regard. The government should make a policy of providing technical and practical education from the school level. This will really help the students to do some jobs in their community when they are matured. Next, tools and equipment should be provided for people to make them able to apply new farming methods. Similarly, tourism must be developed widely. The existing factories and industries should be improved and new ones should be set up to meet the changing time and context. Young people should be stopped from going to other countries and they should be engaged in some kind of jobs in our own country, Nepal. This will increase people’s living standards and indirectly more jobs will be created.

The problem of unemployment is against the economic growth of people and the nation. One person’s attempt or one community’s effort or only the government’s effort is not enough to solve this terrible problem. Everyone should do something to create jobs in the societies so that the influx of the Nepalese youths towards foreign employment is checked and the youth force is utilized in the development of the nation. The government of Nepal should pay attention to the unemployment problem and make proper and effective policy to to control and reduce unemployment problem in Nepal.


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