An Essay on “Poverty Elimination in Nepal’

An Essay on “Poverty Elimination in Nepal’

Poverty is such a situation in which people have problems affording even basic needs. Our country Nepal is a developing country. Many people are suffering from poverty. Their income is very low. They do not have enough money to find food, clothes, and shelter. Poverty is seen as a serious problems of Nepal. Poverty is like a stone in shoes of a man that stops a man from running because poverty also stops a nation from moving on the path of development. Poverty is the enemy of every developing countries as well as of poor people. So government should make plan and policies for poverty elimination in Nepal.

There are various causes of poverty in Nepal. Most of the people are uneducated and they are superstitious and do not have an idea of doing jobs. They want to follow old traditions. Most of the farmers do not use new methods in farming. As a result, they cannot get a good production. When they grow crops, they do not get the proper prices, so their economic status is not rising. Hardworking farmers do not have enough fertile land, so they are poorer and poorer. Widespread unemployment is another cause of poverty. People do not have a good source of income. It is necessary to run a campaign for poverty elimination in Nepal.

Poverty has a bad effect on people and the nation. It has been a challenge to our nation. Because of poverty, social crimes like theft, robbery, murder are increasing. Conflicts are increasing because of the gap and misunderstanding between the rich and the poor. Because of poverty, society is also not developed. Moreover, the national economy has become weaker and weaker. Poverty is a bad sign of development.

Different measures should be taken to eliminate it. The government should provide appropriate education to people to make them aware and able to work in different fields. If farmers are educated, they can grow more crops by using new farming methods. The government and NGOs should implement special programs to raise the economic status of poor people. They should also make a policy to start technical education in schools so that people will not have to aim at government jobs only. Moreover, industries and factories should be set up all over the country so that people can get jobs there and earn their living.

In nutshell, poverty is the biggest weakness for the development of a nation. It makes the country go backward. As the people have to spend the day solving the hand-to-mouth problems, nothing outstanding can be expected out of them. So everyone should think that it is our responsibility to eliminate poverty from our country. It is the responsibility of government to conduct program for poverty elimination in Nepal.

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