Grandmother Summary And Important Questions and Answers

Grandmother summary

Class : 12 Heritage of Words – Grandmother Summary 1. My Grandmother – Ray Young Bear If I saw her far away, I would immediately know it was her because I would see her purple scarf and plastic shopping bag. If I felt her hand touching my head, I would know they were her hands … Read more

An Essay on ‘Tourism in Nepal’

Tourism in Nepal

Out of the many resources of income of Nepal, tourism is one the major and important sectors. Normally, tourism means the business activities connected with tourists. People from different countries visit Nepal every year. Nepal is a mountainous country situated on the lap of the Himalayas. Nepal is rich in natural resources like lakes, rivers, … Read more

An Essay on ‘Patriotism’


In the world, there are a few things, people, or ideas and feeling, for what or whom we can never compromise in our life. Among them, patriotism is one of them. The feeling of love from the inner core of heart towards ones’ own country is known as patriotism. In other words, patriotism refers to … Read more

An essay on ‘Importance of Women Education’

Importance of Women Education

Simply, the act of giving education to women or females is known as women education. It is said that man and woman are the two wheels of a cart. If one of the wheels is weak, the cart can’t move ahead. Similarly, society consists of both men and women. If women are uneducated, the family, … Read more

An essay on ‘Importance of English Language’

Importance of English Language

English is an international language that is used as an international lingua franca. It is spoken all over the world. In Nepal too; it is taught and learnt as a compulsory and optional subject in schools and colleges. English has become the medium of communication and teaching in private and community schools. It is the … Read more