Hobby Farming

Farming is one of the first activities started by humans which lead to settlements becoming possible. Farm produce dominated the trade flows and the taxes in the ancient and medieval times were collected/paid in the form of a ratio of farm produce.  Farming can be a fascinating activity for some while it can be boring … Read more

Benefits of Life Insurance in 2021

Life insurance

Insurance is also a friend and investment of future security. The insured is to transfer the burden of future risk to the insurance company or insurer. Anyone of us is ignorant about the future. In the insurance process, the insurer tolerate the potential risk to the life of the insured. Insurance is provided to deal … Read more

Critical Discussion on Wildlife Condition in Nepal


Speaking of National Conservation Day, we are reminded of the conservationists who died in a helicopter crash at Ghunsa in Taplejung in 2006. Twenty-four people were killed in that heartbreaking accident. The nation will not be able to get its compensation even for years. It may be recalled that in the accident, senior staff of … Read more

Why does insomnia occur during pregnancy?


Women have to go through physical and mental pain during pregnancy. In this process, women need full rest. After the baby is born, the mother’s sleep is disturbed. They can’t sleep well. You have to wake up many times at night to feed the baby milk and clean the faeces and urine. However, some people … Read more

You can’t become a comedian without freedom


What can you do to affect the world in 16 minutes? Sita Neupane from Chitwan made many fans her fans with a 16-minute stand-up comedy. She used the problems and behaviors of middle class families as the content of comedy. That is why Sita’s ‘Middle Class Problems’ has been watched by almost 1 million people from the … Read more

Speed ​​of scientific research in Nepal

Scientific Research

Due to the interest in science students and research, it is natural to be interested in the efforts and achievements made in the field of scientific research in Nepal. Scientists around the world have struggled day and night to combat the coronavirus, resulting in the development of a vaccine against the epidemic today and to … Read more

Three apps that teach programming


This is the age of technology. Now mobiles and computers are in everyone’s hands. These materials are also needed today. With such content we can also make video calls and play games. It is possible to get such features from these materials only because of apps and computer software. Such software is created with the help of programming languages. … Read more

Children who have become celebrities through social media

Child celebraty

Nowadays, you don’t have to wander around looking for a stage or a platform to show your talent. Technology has made it easy. From the world’s biggest celebrities to talented people on social networks like Facebook, Tiktak, Instagram, YouTube, anyone can easily show their potential. Children are not far behind in making full use of such networks. From … Read more