Stuart Hall’s Theory and Its Implications in Education

Stuart Hall was born in the suburbs of  Kingston, Jamaica into a middle call family  in 1932. He grew up with continuous  negotiations of different cultural spaces  especially between colonial and Jamaican  origins. Though his father didn’t like him to  go to England, he moved there in 1951 and  began to study in Oxford. He … Read more

Curriculum of Educational Studies: Theoretical Perspectives (M.Phil)

             Nepal Open University Manbhawan Lalitpur, Nepal Faculty of Social Sciences and Education Manbhawan Lalitpur MPhil Programme Course Title: Educational Studies: Theoretical Perspectives (3 credits) Unit-Wise Content Details: Credit 1: Theorists and Theories (16 teaching hours – 8 hours per unit) Unit I: Theorists for Education Specific Objectives of the … Read more