When will come the vaccine for children ?


Julie Swann is an engineer. She is studying health systems and infectious diseases at North Carolina State University. She leads a team of researchers. His team recently studied how the delta version of the corona virus can spread to different schools. The results, published recently in the Washington Post, were alarming. According to the study, … Read more

Music video in Corona Havoc

Music in corona

At one time, music videos became a genre to give money and names to the actors who used to sniff their noses in music videos. Recently, the production of music videos in Nepal has reached a new height. The music video genre, which one day revolved around limited models and technology, has now taken a … Read more

Indrajatra is being started from today

Indra Jatra

The ‘Yenya : ‘ festival (Indrajatra) celebrated in the  Kathmandu  Valley is starting from Saturday. The eight-day procession has been undergoing changes since the change of government. On the occasion of Indrajatra, it is considered to be a symbol of Indra’s power. Fearing not to worship him, Indra destroyed the crops by raining heavily on the earth. In order to prevent his … Read more

NASA is searching astronauts for sending in space


NASA has opened applications for scientists for a new ‘space mission’. NASA is recruiting astronauts to the moon and Mars. NASA has named this mission ‘Artemis Mission’. NASA currently has 40 astronauts. According to NASA, the application process is open from March 2 to 31. NASA has opened the application from its Twitter. NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein tweeted the application. … Read more

Nipah virus is spreaded in Nepal

Teku Hospital

Experts have said that Nepal is also at the high risk of Nipah virus infection. Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Diseases Hospital Research Branch Coordinator Dr. According to Sher Bahadur Pun, Nipah virus-infected species has been found in Nepal. Therefore, Nepal is at high risk of contracting the virus, he said.  According to him, this species is … Read more

Corona Vaccination Campaign : Preparations for the Over 40s


The Family Welfare Division and Supply Division have stated that the age group above 40 years will be given first priority in the vaccination campaign to be launched by the Government of Nepal from next year. An additional 4.5 million doses of vaccine will come from China by Thursday and the campaign will be launched … Read more

One lakh to the family of the person who died from corona


The Raptisonari Municipality has distributed relief of Rs. Chairman Lahuram Tharu and Vice-Chairman Dhani Kumari Khatri jointly distributed relief to him by organizing a program at the village municipality office. Earlier, the village municipality had decided to provide one lakh rupees as relief to the families infected with the corona virus. As per the decision of the … Read more