Children who have become celebrities through social media

Nowadays, you don’t have to wander around looking for a stage or a platform to show your talent. Technology has made it easy. From the world’s biggest celebrities to talented people on social networks like Facebook, Tiktak, Instagram, YouTube, anyone can easily show their potential.

Children are not far behind in making full use of such networks. From children who have recently learned to say mama, papa to adults, even children have become celebrities.

Saylen Shrestha is a girl who has become a child celebrity by garnering a lot of discussion on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. His video has become very popular not only in the country but also abroad. Sylen was just three years old. She has acted in more than 500 videos in just 6-7 months.

Sailan’s father Sanjit Shrestha has been involved in singing, directing, cinematography and other fields for the past 12 years. Ever since she was only 18 months old, Sanjit has been making videos of her various activities and posting them on Facebook. The viewers liked the video very much. He said that after everyone shared, Silen suddenly went viral. He said, “Only 30 to 40 thousand comments came.”

In this way, the video started getting more than one thousand comments and around two thousand shares. After the videos were pulled from YouTube and uploaded by others, she went viral. Just two months ago, her father created a ticket ID in her name. In just two months, she has gained more than 150,000 followers.

After much interest, he started an episode called ‘Father and Daughter’. In which she says JJ, Silen imitates that. She also answered questions from her father. Its 25 episodes have been uploaded. Continuous practice is very familiar with the silent camera, says Sanjit. He says, “It used to take him two or three days to act in a four-minute video, but now he can do it in two or three hours.” Some time ago, she has also acted in the song ‘Aankhi Zyalaima’ sung by Devi Bandhana and Rajesh Maharjan. Its views have exceeded one million. Similarly, the Government of Nepal has started a vaccination campaign against measles and rubella. He has been seen in the advertisement made a week ago. She is also very good at caricature.

Silent prefers to watch movies, play games, read books, draw with a pen and write, rather than use Facebook, says Sanjit. He feels that his videos are especially popular with those who have left their children and gone abroad.

Dia, daughter of former Miss Nepal Jenisha Moktan and businessman Dikesh Malhotra, is also one of the popular child celebrities on YouTube.

Born on Christmas Day, Diya’s parents opened an Instagram account and posted her first photo.

Dikesh has also included his daughter in most of his blogs. A video of Diya going to Hong Kong when she was a few months old and visiting many other countries has been posted on YouTube. Similarly, many people have watched the video of Diya’s Pasni, the first Dasain and other occasions, from the pooja of celebrating her two-year birthday to her grand birthday party.

Abhay and Ayush Chaudhary are another child celebrity couple whose dance has won the hearts of the viewers on YouTube and Facebook. They are both brothers.

Nine-year-old Ayush is now in class 3 and 13-year-old Abhay is in class 7. He says that he is in this field to fulfill his father’s dream rather than his own. But they are also proud to say that they were born to dance. He says, ‘Our father had a big dream of becoming a dancer. He teaches us. We dance for him. We have that ability too. ‘

His father is Om Chaudhary. Om made his sons dance so that everyone would see their art and society would understand that there is a future in dance. On February 7, 2017, he started a YouTube channel called ‘A Square Crew’ with the first letter of his sons’ names. They started uploading their dances. They are now known as the ‘A Square Crew’.

Om had a big dream of becoming a dancer. He could not fulfill his dream due to financial constraints. So he wanted to fulfill that dream through his sons. She took her sons to India’s dance reality show ‘Dance Plus 4’. Addison passed the round. The video also went viral on Facebook and YouTube.

After dancing to the lyrics of the song ‘No, I don’t know’, ‘A Square’ caught everyone’s eye. Then he uploaded a continuous banging dance. His channel has more than five lakh two thousand subscribers. The most watched video so far is ‘Dame to Kosita’. It has received one hundred and one million views. Most of his videos have garnered millions of views. Lately, they have danced to the song ‘Bala’. The viewers have liked the video very much. They have uploaded over 130 videos from their channel.

Now they are making videos not only from YouTube but also directly entertaining people with their dances. Om says about this, ‘I have been making videos to make my sons dance in front of people to increase their confidence. It has been very effective. ‘

Videos of various songs sung by children have also become popular on YouTube. OSR Digital’s song ‘Balakhaima Dil Basyo Gauthali, Nabhagaun Ta Manama Po Khalbali, Bhagaum Bhane Balvihako Mudda Chalani’ has managed to garner more than 13.3 million viewers. Its singer Rupesh Chand is also very popular on YouTube.

According to an online media, AR Budhathoki, Jigme Chhoki Ghising, Sameer Tamang, Shishir Shrestha, Rupesh Chand, Sanyog Yogi, Ashok Darji, Ayush KC, Pritam Acharya and Kamala Ghimire have been featured in the top 10 popular child singers on YouTube since last November.

12-year-old Ayush KC and 11-year-old Pritam Acharya, who finished third and second, have already shown the magic of their voices in an Indian reality show. Similarly, 11-year-old Kamala Ghimire’s popular song has succeeded in winning the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. Seedling

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YouTuber Shri Raj’s Passion

Shri Raj Chapagain, who lives in Baneshwor, is studying in class 4 at Kathmandu Gurukul School. He was 9 years old. Her main ‘passion’ is to become a YouTuber. He has just started making videos on YouTube.

He is also good at reading. Her position in the class is third. Along with reading, he also makes YouTube videos. They make videos on their iPad during the holidays.

When making a video, first record it and then edit it and put it on YouTube. His viewers are not so many, but he continues to try.

Her YouTube ID is ‘AmfireSlime’. He has added the names of two YouTubers.

He makes a lot of live videos. Apart from live videos, he has been making videos like game news, story telling, gaming and animation. He is interested in website designing, playing football, basketball and drawing.

So far, he has made 106 videos. Her goal is to become the best YouTuber in the future.

He follows Nepali and American YouTubers. He says, ‘I have made some videos while watching all three YouTubers. I have a dream to be on YouTube. ‘

Her parents also help her make videos. He doesn’t think the future of YouTube will be good in Nepal. So her dream is to go to America and become a famous YouTuber.

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