Demand to make model policy for insurance committee, local level in Rajbiraj municipality

The Insurance Committee has conducted a public awareness interaction program on insurance in Rajbiraj Municipality. The chief guest of the program was Mayor of Rajbiraj Sambhu Prasad Yadav.

Similarly, Sunil Ballabh Panth, Chief Executive Officer of NLG Insurance Company and Bipin Lal Karna, Chief of LIC Nepal’s Province No. 2 were present.

The event was attended by Deputy Mayor Sadhana Shah, all ward chairpersons, people’s representatives, teachers, farmers, local level insurance companies and branch heads of banks as well as the general public with an increase of 115 years.

Director of the Insurance Committee Dinesh Lal Karna, Assistant Directors Purna Bahadur Pandit and Hridayeshwar Pandit and Purna Bahadur Thapa were present.

Karna gave an informative presentation on insurance. In the program, Pandit gave a welcome speech and Thapa conducted the program.

The general public present at the event demanded that the cumbersome method of insuring and receiving claims should be made easier. It is suggested to make necessary laws for this and also to monitor. The committee had requested to hold the program not only in urban areas but also in rural areas.

Insurance agents participating in the program questioned why their service facilities were cut. The committee also questioned the strictness of the single insurance fee payment policy.

Responding to their question, the director of the committee, Lala, said, “It has been closed due to many distortions in the policy of single insurance fee.”

We have not stopped the flow of other services even though we have been asked to stop the loan provided to the agents to end the trend of insuring the agents by giving loans of crores of rupees.

The administrative head of the municipality had requested the committee to draft the insurance policy in the local body. Stating that some municipalities do not even have general information about it, he requested to prepare the necessary draft for it.

After the committee requested the local body to formulate a policy on insurance committee, the mayor expressed his commitment to formulate a policy in the coming days.

The people’s representatives have also demanded to formulate policies to attract the insured.

The insurance companies had complained that they had not formed any relationship with the insured after taking out insurance.

After getting life insurance, the companies send regular SMS but when the policy matures, they complain that they are not informed.

Stating that the insurance agent will get 25 percent commission but the insured himself has not paid the commission, they have requested to make arrangements to get commission as per the policy.

There was a demand to give some discount to those who have been doing non-life insurance regularly for 10/15 years. The locals have demanded that a model policy should be formulated and implemented for the local level.

Stating that the dividend of the investors of the insurance company will increase every year but that of the insured will not increase for 5-7 years, they have requested the Insurance Committee to work in the interest of the insured. The deputy mayor did not respond saying that the program of the committee came late but was correct.

The deputy mayor demanded that the entire work be digitized, saying that the trust in the individual has been raised. She has requested the committee to provide training to the insurance agents on efficiency and loyalty.

Vice-Mayor also expressed her commitment to bring locals in insurance by formulating her municipal insurance policy. But she requested to expedite the payment of the claim.

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