Discipline – An Essay on Discipline

An Essay on Discipline

In order to make our life humble, worthy, and prestigious, we should follow the various rules and regulations. Out of such thing, discipline is such thing which works as the entrance of anything. Discipline means the habit of doing work according to certain rules. We have to follow some rules in every place. If we obey the rules, we are disciplined. If we do not obey the rules, we are supposed undisciplined. Discipline helps us to succeed in life.

Discipline is the root of success. A disciplined man is liked and respected by all. But an undisciplined man cannot get success in his life. He is disliked and hated by everyone. The persons who are not disciplined are perceived as the animal without a tail. If we are disciplined, everyone follows us, likes us, if we are not disciplined, even our shadow does not follow us.

Discipline is necessary for every field. It is necessary at home. Parents must teach discipline to their children at home. Everyone must respect the head of the family. If the family members disobey the head of the family, nobody can get success.

It is necessary at school. The teachers and the students must follow the rules and regulations of the school. The students should come in time in the class. They should obey their teachers. The teachers should also work honestly. They should check students’ copies regularly. If both do not follow the school’s rules, the academic atmosphere of the school will be polluted. Neither teachers can teach nor students can learn in such polluted academic environment.

Discipline is necessary for public life. People must follow the constitution of the country and different laws of different sectors. The leaders must be disciplined. They must be responsible towards the people. If the people and leaders do not follow the rules of the country, the country cannot develop properly.

To conclude, discipline is an ornament of we human beings which is needed in each and every sector. It is needless to say that only disciplined people can get success in their lives.

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