English Language Teaching in Nepal

English language, in the postmodern era, has been grown as a global language. It has been used widely in every sector such as in the field of science, technology, commerce, and international relation.

It is well-known fact that most people face some kind of problem in teaching and learning English as a second or foreign language in non-English speaking countries like Nepal.

English language, particularly in Nepal, has been taught for many years. Taking a closer look at the history, the inception of the English language can be traced back to 1910 BS when the then Prime Minister Janga Bahadur Rana took initiation to establish Darbar high school after his Royal visit to Britain.

Since then, though there were no strong government policies and documents regarding teaching English, the school-level curriculum includes English as a compulsory subject.

Similarly, English language teaching has grown as a big industry and profession. In Nepal, it is taught as a foreign language.

People in Nepal learn English as a foreign language for a successful career, personality development, to keep one updated with knowledge in different fields, to participate in international programs and conferences, to pass exams, to communicate with foreigners, to study abroad, and for other emotional, personal, intellectual and social purposes.

English is taught in all schools of Nepal starting from grade 1 and up to grade 12. It is also taught as a compulsory subject up to the bachelor level in different universities of the country.

English is the principal international language of diplomacy, knowledge, business, and tourism. Thus, it has a dominant position in international media, science, and modern technology.

A high percentage of the world publications in science, technology, and commerce are published in English. That is why teaching and learning English as a foreign language is assuming increasing importance worldwide as well as in Nepal both within and outside the school system.

Through learning English, learners will develop the confidence to communicate effectively in speaking, listening, reading, and writing English that will enable them to participate actively in a global society.

Due to the belief of the importance of learning a foreign language, the importance of the English language in particular, English is being taught at all levels of the school educational system.

As English is the global language, it is a quite natural thing to know the English language to be one of the members of this global village. English is well known as a link language. The contribution of English to globalization is often appreciated.

The world is taken as a global village and the English language is taken as a global language. A quarter of the world’s population speaks English for various purposes in various manners and ways.

The different varieties of English which are also known as world Englishes are used throughout the world according the purposes the speakers have to speak English.

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