Essay on Aim of My Life | Goal of Life Essay

Everyone in the world has a purpose. It is good to have a aim in life. Because a person who does not have aim in his life may end up failing.

As I look forward to creating my aim of life. In the future, I strongly believe in being a good teacher for many reasons.

First, a teacher can contribute much to his community in various ways. Teacher produces certainly responsible citizens who can also help them to introduce the necessary programs of change in their community.

As a result, we will have a just society that can make a significant contribution to nation-building.

Secondly, I will always be able to plan and make sense of keeping traditional knowledge and resources that always encourage people to know themselves.

Because we can conquer the world where we are, for the first time, all in all, we know ourselves and our rich cultural heritage.

Eventually, I will be able to get enough to rejuvenate myself for the rest of my life, and it will always keep me academically active, professionally, and physically.

In addition, my choices may be unpopular with many because they think that one cannot a lot of money for this work.

However, frankly speaking, dreams of getting rich do not very attractive.

If there are certain livelihood options offered to meet the foundation
requirements for a dignified life then I should feel very happy in my job as a teacher.

Similarly, sometimes I reach for the preferences of some of my students.

A variety of lifestyles will enrich the community with their style and abilities.

Training young people like that making them grow into supportive community members is the purpose of my life.

In summary, following this purpose, I, too, is a very harmonious process. It’s a pleasure itself and reward.

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