Essay on Cyber Crime in Nepal

Crime is a term that is used to refer to the commission of wrongdoing or criminal act. But when it comes to cyber crime, it can be defined as a crime committed by the Internet, whereby a person, the organization or the government may suffer an untenable loss. Cyber ​​crime is a punishable offense committed by cyber criminals.

Cyber crime is the result of technological advancement. It is a dangerous crime that involves the use of the Internet and computers.

Cyber crime is not caught in the initial stage, but with its consequences it gets noticed by all. Through this, there is an illegal transfer of data and information, which may be confidential or valuable to an individual or group.

Cyber crime is a criminal act that is carried out through the Internet using computer equipment or any other smart devices.

Hackers or criminals have different motives to commit this crime. They can do this to harm an individual, an organization or even the government.

Many examples of cyber crime include fraud, identity theft, cyber stalking, creating or sending malware such as viruses to destroy systems or stealing data to earn money, etc.

People involved in such activities consider them as an easy way to earn money. Even many educated and knowledgeable people are also involved in such activities.

Instead of using their mind in a positive way, they engage themselves in cyber criminal activities. Day by day it is becoming a big threat to our society and nation.

In the present scenario, cyber crime has become the most prevalent crime committed through internet. It causes very serious harm to the victim.

So we should take some measures to avoid cyber crimes. Vigilant behavior and adherence to security protocols are only a helpful tool that can curb incidents of cyber crime to some extent.

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