Essay on Floods | Main 5 Reasons of coming Floods

Floods occur when excessive rainfall in a particular dry area increases the amount of water flowing over the land. It can also happen due to overflow of water from water bodies like river, ocean and lake.

Floods are known to cause mass destruction. In some areas the destruction is so severe that it takes years to repair the damage.

Reasons of Coming Flood

The various reasons of floods are described as below:-

Heavy Rains

Flood conditions can be caused by poor drainage system. Sometimes heavy rains of short duration can also cause floods. On the other hand light rains lasting for several days can also create a flood like situation.

Melting Of Ice

During the summer season the mountains which are covered with snow begin to melt when the temperature rises. The sudden melting of ice is caused by the rise in temperature and as a result the amount of water in the plains increases.

In areas where there is excessive water, there is a situation of flood due to lack of proper drainage system. This is often referred to as a snow melt flood.

Broken of Dam

Dams are made to flow water from a height. Propellers are used to generate electricity from water. Sometimes dams break because they do not hold large amounts of water, resulting in flooding of the surrounding areas.

Sometimes excessive water is released intentionally from the dam to prevent it from collapsing. It may also result in flooding.

Overflow of Water

Frequent overflow of water can lead to flood. The low-lying areas near the rivers are most affected during this time as the water flows downstream from the river.

Winds in the Coastal Area

Strong winds and storms have the ability to carry sea water to dry coastal areas, causing flooding. This can cause serious damage in coastal areas. Hurricanes and tsunamis are known to cause major devastation in coastal land.

Global warming : The Main Cause of Floods

The frequency of floods has increased in recent times. Global warming is said to have led to a significant increase in mean sea temperature and to increase the rate and severity of tropical storms in the Caribbean. These storms are the cause of heavy rains in the countries on their way.

Global warming, which is causing an increase in the temperature of the atmosphere, is also one of the reasons for the melting of glaciers and ice which again causes flooding in many areas.

It is said that the polar ice will have a bad effect again in the coming times, which is likely to worsen the situation.

There has been a major change in the overall climatic conditions on the earth and global warming is believed to be the reason for this change. While some areas experience extreme floods, others experience drought.


Though we cannot stop rain or glaciers from melting, we can certainly build good drainage system to deal with flood waters.

Many countries, such as most parts of Singapore, receive heavy rainfall throughout the year but have good drainage systems. There is no problem even in the days of heavy rains.

To avoid the problem of floods and damage to the affected areas, the Government of Nepal should also build good drainage system.

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