Essay on Importance of Nature

Nature is a natural environment that surrounds us, takes care of us and nurtures us every moment. It provides a protective shield around us which protects us from harm. We are not able to live on earth without nature like air, water, land, fire and sky etc.

Nature is around us in many forms like trees, forests, land, air, rivers, rain, ponds, weather, atmosphere, mountains, plateaus, deserts etc. Every form of nature is very powerful, which has the ability to nurture us as well as destroy us.

In today’s days, everyone has less time to enjoy nature. In the growing crowd, we have forgotten to take pleasure in nature and keep ourselves healthy.

We have started using technology to keep the body fit. While it is absolutely true that nature can take care of us and keep us fit forever. Many writers have praised the benefits and beauty of nature in their writings.

Nature has this ability to keep our mind worry-free and protect us from diseases. Due to the technological advancement in the life of mankind, our nature is constantly deteriorating, which needs a high level of awareness to balance and preserve its natural wealth.

God has made everything to be seen very beautifully so that our eyes can never get tired. But we forget that we also have some responsibility regarding the relationship between mankind and nature.

What a beautiful sight it is with the dawn of sunrise, when the birds sing, the sound of the river, the pond, the wind and the happy moments with friends in the garden in the evening after the pressure of a long day. But we have forgotten to enjoy the beauty of nature due to our family responsibilities.

Many times during our holidays we spend our whole day in TV, newspaper, computer games but we forget that outside the door in the lap of nature there is a lot of interesting for us.

Without need, we keep all the lights of the house on. We use unnecessary electricity which promotes global warming. Our other activities like cutting of trees and forests increase the amount of CO2 gas and cause global warming.

If we want to be happy and healthy always then we have to stop being selfish and taking wrong actions as well as save our planet and make this beautiful nature better for ourselves.

We have to stop the cutting of trees and forests, conserve energy and water etc to balance ecosystem. In the end, we are the real consumers of nature, so we should take care of it.

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