Essay on Nationalism | Nation and Nationalism Essay

The feeling of attachment and dedication towards one’s country is called nationalism. It is nationalism that binds all the citizens of any country, irrespective of the differences of tradition, language, ethnicity and culture.

Not only in our country but all over the world, the nation has been compared to mother. Just as a mother takes care of her children, in the same way a nation also fulfills the various needs of life of its citizens through its natural resources.

We are able to forget many differences of class, caste and religious divisions only by the spirit of nationalism and it has been seen that whenever a situation of war arises in any two countries, all the citizens of those countries unite in the interest of nationalism. With the spirit, they encourage the soldiers of their respective countries.

Nationalism is such a collective feeling whose strength can be gauged from the fact that the people living in the borders of the country formed on its basis give importance to loyalty to the nation over their various identities and when necessary, to the country.

They do not hesitate to even sacrifice his life. It is because of the spirit of nationalism that even people who never meet each other and who are completely unfamiliar with each other get tied in the thread of national unity.

Through nationalism in all the countries of the world, citizens have been able to reach consequences on various issues related to the nation.

According to some scholars, the process of globalization has affected the nationalist thought to some extent and now because the national boundaries have no more significance and this situation has challenged the spirit of nationalism.

They argue that apart from globalization technological advances such as the Internet and mobile phones have greatly reduced the gap in the world, although this interpretation of nationalism is immaterial.

For the progress of any nation, it is necessary to have the feeling of nationalism among its citizens. Realizing the importance of nationalism and with the aim of inculcating the feeling of patriotism in its citizens, all the governments all over the world compulsorily organize national festivals. During these programs respect for the national flag is expressed.

Overall, the unity of citizens plays an important role for the progress of any nation and nationalism is the spirit that unites people by eliminating the shackles of religion, caste and high and low.

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