Essay on Newspaper | Importance of Newspaper

Newspaper – Newspaper is the best means to get latest updates of news, accident and current affairs.

It is said that News media is the 4th organ of democracy. News media keep on warning to the government in time to time.

News media publish and telecast real and original news to people and help to let them know and update about current situation of the country.

Even though there are several means through which one can get to know about what is happening around, the newspaper hold their own importance.

They are still one of the chief mediums for conveying news to the people. Newspapers are becoming more and more popular day by day. It has become the fashion of the day to read them.

However, a newspaper is not always advantageous. It has some disadvantages too. I agree with the pros of a newspaper to a large extent.

However, I also see that there are some strong arguments against it.

Firstly, the newspaper is the most powerful organ of democracy. It is a link between the people and the government.

The government and the public both can explain their relevant views through a newspaper. It is the only agency through which people can express their opinions.

Secondly, a newspaper has materials for every kind of people. For businessmen it gives the news of market information which helps in the development of business.

It is also the best source of advertisement. All sorts of advertisements can be found in the newspaper.

It helps the unemployed people in finding jobs, helps the unmarried boys and girls in finding their matches.

It publishes TV and radiop programs literary articles, notices, and even tenders are invited by the means of the newspaper.

Finally, the educative value of a newspaper is very great. Articles on all subjects, scientific, literary, political, economic, etc appear in the pages of the newspaper.

These articles increase our knowledge and develop our outlook. In contrast, many people believe that there are some disadvantages of the newspapers.

Most importantly, some of the newspapers are entirely controlled by different political parties for the purpose of disseminating a range of propaganda, and this is true in the case of Nepal.

Moreover, such papers create misunderstanding, mistrust, and hatred among the people.

In a nutshell, newspapers are powerful means of spreading good news relating to different fields in the entire globe.

Despite this fact, they also circulate bad news which may mislead people in general.

If this is not done, newspaper may prove themselves of great importance in the development of human culture.

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