Essay on Traveling | Value of Traveling

Traveling in the past was difficult and dangerous but not so in the present. Today, a few modes of transportation have made it easier to travel.

People travel from place to place for a variety of purposes. Others visit for information. Some go for business and some will see new places and things.

The purpose people visit the places might be different, but there is no doubt about the fun, excitement and enjoyment everyone experiences while traveling.

So, travelling has value in human life for a number of reasons. First of all, traveling has many benefits.

First, our education remains incomplete without travel as travel expands our minds and thinking.

Similarly, travel leaves people with a better experience. For example, we learn more about walking than books.

When we see something with our eyes, it becomes easier to understand and remember.

We forget only those things that we are told so soon, but when we see them, they will always be in our minds.

In addition, during travel, we meet all sorts of people. We can talk to them; know about their culture, customs, and traditions.

Similarly, we can make many friends. In the same way, another benefit of travel is that it satisfies one’s self-sacrificing love that breaks the boredom and dullness of life.

For example, we have many tourists who come to Nepal every year. Their self-sacrificing love brings them here. Nepal being a mountainous country offers many people new journeys.

In conclusion, it can be said that travel brings many benefits to both people and the world.

Nepal is a poor country. It is not possible for an average Nepali to go abroad just because of travel.

But what we can do is visit various parts of Nepal itself, and get to know people, and see places of historical and religious interest.

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