Essay on Uses of National Resources in Development of Country

Uses of National Resources in Development of Country

Every country is gifted with one or more types of national resources. Similarly, Nepal is famous for its glorious natural resources. National resources play a great role in the development of a nation. There is a great role of uses of national resources in development of country.

Nepal is rich in natural resources. Nepal is the second richest country in water resources in the world. There are rare plants and animals, various kinds of herbals, birds, minerals oil gas, etc. But because of lack of good governance and policies as well as lack of financial availability and technical manpower, they couldn’t have been used properly. Therefore, Nepal is still an underdeveloped country even though it is rich in natural resources.

Nepal is also known as green city of the world and it is said that green jungle is the wealth of Nepal. Almost 30 percent of total area of Nepal is covered with jungle. In the jungle of Nepal, there is found a large number of herbs and expensive materials.

If Nepal government becomes able to export those things in international markets then there is a possibility to generate a large amount of profit from international market. And government can use such income to develop the country and conduct development programmes for the progress of the nation.

Nepal is a landlocked country but Nepal is a beautiful place where a million of tourists come and go. There is also a possibility earn high profit from tourism sector. Government should make plan and policies to develop tourism sector and protect old and cultural heritage and promote it. So that Nepal government and Nepalese people can earn money from tourist.

Natural resources are available free of cost. They provide raw material raw materials to the various cottage and large-scale industries. People can start different herbal and handicraft production using natural resources. National resources can also provide a large amount of wood, animal or mineral materials.

Apparently, domestic materials are far cheaper than imported ones. In this way, we can produce things at a low cost. Also in collecting, processing, and refining the materials many people get employment. As a result, the national economy achieves a great improvement.

Not only in commercial and industrial development natural resources have a great role in making life happier in other ways. They keep the environment in balance. National resources support farming a lot, they even supply the food and goods of everyday need.

In a nutshell, natural resources are cheap and materials. They can play a vital role in the all-around development of quality life. Developing countries have to utilize the natural resources available in their country for scientific development and resources.  Therefore, there should be proper uses of national resources in development of country.

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