Essay on What I did in Lockdown | How I spend my time in Lockdown

Lockdown is called a situation in which the entire area or country is closed by the government.

To understand it easily, we can also call it a large level of captive. This is also a type of emergency situation and it causes great damage to the economy of the country.

Due to Lockdown the people living at home did not have any other work, everyone used this time in different ways. Let’s see how was my lockdown.

If seen, people are usually very busy in their work, but due to the closure of the markets during this time, people have no other option than staying in their homes.

A day or two would pass at home but no one can stay for a month unless you make it a little interesting.

You can utilize the time of lockdown in different ways like I did. In such a situation, you can fulfill your old hobbies.

As I am fond of singing and I had also learned classical music in childhood, but in the race of life as if lost somewhere and forgotten everything. Using this time, I tried to refine this hobby further.

Internet helped me a lot in learning this and nowadays everything is so easily available on the internet that anyone can learn anything easily. You must also learn something or the other and make good use of this time.

Although this is not a happy occasion, it is better to use this time in another place which is also meaningful than sitting at home all day worrying.

See lockdown as an opportunity that in life. If you have any wishes which you could not do in your regular life due to lack of time, you can do all such work in this lockdown and many of us are doing so too.

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