Hobby Farming

Farming is one of the first activities started by humans which lead to settlements becoming possible. Farm produce dominated the trade flows and the taxes in the ancient and medieval times were collected/paid in the form of a ratio of farm produce.  Farming can be a fascinating activity for some while it can be boring for many others. We can say that all human activities have been possible because of availability of food supplies and therefore farming is a very important activity even today.

It is usually the younger people involved in farm activities but in the recent times we can see mixed age group in farming owing to its utility and it is also the passion for those who want to try something new and creative. There are different farming techniques in use today, most of these are modifications of the early farming methods. Farm methods can be a source of interest for people as we can see newer inventions coming up in the field of farming which are not only beneficial but also economic at the same time. Major types of these inventions come from areas where availability of land is scarce. We can see better tools and better resources being put in use for farming activities which is quite helpful in economic terms and beneficial to the producer. With changing times, the techniques which people were hesitant to adopt are being adopted at a faster pace. Leveraging the available talent and resources is considered ideal in the modern times.

We can see a new trend of hobby farming and leisure farming coming up which is, the well off section of the society getting involved into farming as a passion. Hobby farming is a healthy activity as it involves multiple activities as a part of farming. Hobby farming is actually the need of the day as it promotes organic farming and helps the usage of occupied spaces for farming activities. Farming helps the fulfillment of the desire to be one with the environment, it fulfills the aspirations of those who seek creativity. Farming can now be promoted at a larger scale as an activity which help promote humanitarian values in a society where consumption is considered the main goal of life. To make the society a better place, it is desirable that more people attach themselves to this activity that has an intrinsic value.

Farming which was dominantly a commercial activity for ages is now under a transformation as we can see individuals with good qualifications and a well paying job, indulging in this activity for transforming themselves and serving the deep desire to attach with the mother nature. This transformation is not sudden but a gradual process of bending more towards the natural process of understanding nature and it’s aspects which can be fulfilling for an individual.

Farming activity provides intrinsic satisfaction to the people involved. Since farm produce doesn’t get ready in a few days, it can help an individual learn the art of patience and constant effort which can boost their self esteem. Farming helps psychological as well as behavioral changes which are much needed in a generation where people feel isolated and alienated which is cause of greater suffering. Farming activities are wholesome and demand a holistic effort by an individual towards generating the produce. Doing experiments with cropping can be creative as well as a fun activity. We need to understand how we can promote such efforts and generate a respect in the society for those who are involved in farming activities.

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