How to write a good essay ?

There are a variety of extracurricular activities at the school throughout the year. Among such activities are essay competitions to get a closer look at the student’s intellectual level and ideas.

Brothers and sisters, have you ever participated in an essay competition? What is your essay? What qualities should an essay writer have? How many types of essays are there? How are those essays written? What should you pay attention to when writing? What should be its language style? It is important to know that. Today we have tried to teach you how to write an essay.

Essay writing skills are important not only for the competition but also for the exam approach. So to write a good essay, it is very important to know its writing skills. Because one of the means needed to understand a person’s different opinions is the essay. It presents its views through written and oral expressions.

Essay is one of the main genres of literature. It is also called free mode. This is a new genre than other genres. If you look at the construction process of this word, it is made up of ‘ni + bandh’. It means a short literary prose genre written in prose with a binding work or an imaginary or objective paragraph on a subject. That is, the essay is the free prose expression of the feelings and thoughts that have arisen in the human mind.

Many scholars have defined it in their own way. However, the essay can be understood by incorporating everyone’s opinion in this way, ‘The essay is the self-publication of a person expressed in prose. In fact, an essay is a prose expression that is strong in heart and intellect. The essay should have qualities like sharpness of experience, power of thought and intensity of imagination.

Brothers and sisters, what is an essay? Let’s find out now. There are two types of essays, subjective and objective. Subjective essays can also be called personal / emotional essays. It flows more of the author’s personal thoughts or imagination. It is more imaginative than real. Similarly, there is another type, objective essay. It is also called paramatman. Because it is descriptive, descriptive and ideological. In addition, it has the predominance of truth and content. In any case, subjective essays are based on fiction while objective essays are based on facts. Brothers and sisters, the type of essay is also differentiated on the basis of expression. They are: descriptive, ideological, descriptive and emotional.

Brothers and sisters, it is not enough to know how to write an essay or to have a lot of knowledge. Essay writing is an art, an artistic medium of expression. So it should be presented in the most interesting way possible. For this, the writer or you need to have the following qualities.

What is your knowledge and ability? Know what you can write openly on, that is, have the ability to choose the title. Then there should be ‘deep thinking’ on the subject. Along with this, one should be able to use writing skills, discretion and discretion, have factual knowledge or emotional (can flow in emotion / imagination) qualities, time management, fluency in language and present in an attractive style.

Brothers and sisters, do you possess the qualities mentioned above? Now that you know, you can start writing. But, before that, one should know about the structure of the essay. Otherwise, there may be confusion in the middle of what to write.

Usually the composition or organization of the essay etc. (introduction; broad or specific) is in the structure of middle (extension; positive or negative) and end (conclusion; specific concluding or broad). Then, when writing, the following things should be taken into consideration:

First of all, you should write the title, highlight the subject in an attractive way, etc., expand and confirm the subject of the part, add more if there are different contexts as required, present the conclusion, suggestions and personal thoughts of the middle part.

Here are some things to keep in mind when writing an objective essay.

1. Title Selection: At the beginning of the essay, select the topic or title on which the essay can be best written.

2. After choosing the title, write the title of the essay in the middle of the copy.

3. To think and note down points based on one’s study, thoughts, thoughts and ideas, in accordance with facts and imagination.

4. Start the essay with important or effective quotes / poems / sayings or stories related to the subject or keep the context in the middle of the essay.

5. Write a role related to the topic title.

6. To advance essay writing in pure, clean, fluent language.

7. Managing time and composing essays in the prescribed manner.

8. In the essay, etc., combine the middle and end parts of the paragraphs to focus on division and relevance.

9. Be aware of language style, subject matter etc.

10. After writing the essay, re-read it once and correct any mistake.

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