An essay on ‘Importance of English Language’

English is an international language that is used as an international lingua franca. It is spoken all over the world. In Nepal too; it is taught and learnt as a compulsory and optional subject in schools and colleges. English has become the medium of communication and teaching in private and community schools. It is the common medium of communication in international programmes. That’s why the importance of english language is high in each and every sector.

It is supposed that learning English is a basic requirement for everyone. Half of the world’s important books are written in English. There is very high importance of english language because it is the common language or language of communication between people of different countries. If someone speaks english, he can communicate with the people of any country. The english language is used in international meetings, seminars, conferences as the medium of conversation. Most of the books on economics, medicine, mathematics, religion, politics, science, and technology, etc. are written in english. We can get knowledge reading the books written in english if you listen, speak, read and write english.

We can find a number of benefits of speaking and learning english. A person who has a good command of the english language is recognized or known as a person of high social prestige. A man who has good english can get a job easily. They can also guide foreign tourists and earn money.

Nowadays it seems that learning English is essential to everyone because its use and importance of english language is increasing day by day. Therefore, what we can say is that english is like a passport through which we can travel around the world. It is also called that if you have the knowledge of english language, you are today’s people, if you don’t have the knowledge english language, you are yesterday’s people still living in the present. So, learning english is the need and call of the day for everyone to be a global citizen.

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