Essay on Importance of Money | Is Money Everything?


In such a competitive society and world, no people can survive without money. we want money to satisfy our basic needs, like buying food, and other basic necessities of life, which are absolutely impossible to urge without money.

Within the society those those who are rich and who have wealth, they’re considered as respectable and revered person within the society. However, a have-not is looked upon with hatred with none good feeling.

Necessity of Money

Wealth increases the prestige of an individual in society and builds a decent image of him.

We all want to be rich by earning maximum money through business, good job, good business etc. So that, we will fulfill all the increasing needs of recent times.

However, only a few people get the chance to satisfy their dream of becoming a millionaire. Hence, money may be a thing of importance throughout life.

Everyone requires money, whether it’s poor or rich and in rural area or urban area.

People living in urban area earn more money than people living in rural area because people of urban areas have much easier access to technology and have more resources, which increases their earning capacity.


The importance of money has increased on an outsized scale within the fields of production, consumption, exchange, distribution, public revenue etc.

It plays a really important role in determining income, employment, revenue-corporation, general indicator etc.

If we glance at this day scenario, there’s little doubt that the one who has more wealth is taken into account more civilized within the world.

In earlier times, a practice was in trending called the barter system, during which one would get one thing in exchange for another.

However, now during this present time only money is required to shop for everything. Therefore, money is not everything but money is a means to achieve everything.

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