An essay on ‘Importance of Women Education’

Simply, the act of giving education to women or females is known as women education. It is said that man and woman are the two wheels of a cart. If one of the wheels is weak, the cart can’t move ahead. Similarly, society consists of both men and women. If women are uneducated, the family, society as well as country can’t be developed properly. The importance of women education is increasing day by day because the progress of the nation depends not only on men but also on women.

In some societies, women are still neglected and considered as the means of recreation and reproduction. So, they are confined only inside their home. They are limited within household works. They are suppressed by their husbands and mothers-in-law. They seem conservative and believe in superstitions because they are uneducated.

Women education is very important because educated women can contribute to their families, societies and country as well. The educated women can look after their children properly and help to their husbands in many ways or make life prosperous. It is said that if father is educated only half family is educated but if mother is educated the whole family is educated. It is well known fact that mother is the first teacher of every child. If they are educated, they can teach to their children about good manners, discipline, kindness, hardship, politeness, morel etc.

To promote women education, all the girls should get chance to go to school, college and university. They can also do well like men if they are educated. We have seen many female doctors, engineers, leaders, teachers, administrators and so on. The women who don’t get chance to go school and college should be trained properly. They should be provided different trainings like child care, tailoring, painting, vegetable farming, cattle farming etc. They should get chance to hold the post of chairwoman of committee, meeting, club etc.

The government should run adult literacy classes for uneducated women. There should be provision of scholarship in school, college and university for women. I hope all the women will be educated in the future and everyone know the importance of women education.

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