Indrajatra is being started from today

The ‘Yenya : ‘ festival (Indrajatra) celebrated in the  Kathmandu  Valley is starting from Saturday. The eight-day procession has been undergoing changes since the change of government. On the occasion of Indrajatra, it is considered to be a symbol of Indra’s power.

Fearing not to worship him, Indra destroyed the crops by raining heavily on the earth. In order to prevent his faith from diminishing, he sometimes threatened to cause drought and sometimes to cause excessive rain. One day, King Indra of heaven came to Kathmandu to worship his mother for the fast of Vasundhara. As he was picking the flowers of Parijat, the farmers here called him a thief and found him in the middle of the road with a rope. There is a legend that Indrajatra was celebrated in the joy of being able to control King Indra who was causing them sorrow.

Y: Sin (Lingo) is considered as the symbol of Indra. This journey has been going on for hundreds of years. Indrajatra is specially celebrated in the cultural city of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. The place of origin of Indrajatra is Hanumandhoka Durbar area. There are many temples built in the 12th to 18th centuries. It is believed that the Indrajatra started on the day of Bhadra Shukla Paksha Dwadashi. And after immersing the lingo in the Bagmati river, the procession formally ends.

Original dance, song, rath yatra are the bright and special features of Indrajat. Where not only we but also foreign tourists enjoy Aundhi. Another main attraction of Indra Jatra is the Rath Yatra of Kumari, Ganesh Bhairav. According to Gautam Ratan Shakya, chairman of the Indrajatra Management Committee, there is a belief that 33 crore gods are present.

Indrajatra is as important politically as it is religiously and culturally. Two and a half hundred years ago, Prithvi Narayan Shah invaded Kantipur (now Kathmandu). After the attack, he won without Kantipur. Victory celebrations were held with the victory. Coincidentally, Indrajatra was going on at that time.

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