Khukuri attack on businessman at the gate of the court

A young businessman has been attacked with a khukuri in broad daylight at the gate of the Biratnagar High Court. Kalam Singh Lama, 32, a young businessman living in Suryabinayak Municipality-8 of Bhaktapur from Kavre was hit by a khukuri at around 12 pm on Sunday. He arrived in Biratnagar only on Sunday morning.

Lama has invested in the brick industry in Morang, the capital of Morang’s Katahari village municipality-6. He also has a cooperative in Kathmandu.

According to police, Lama was attacked with a khukuri after he left the law firm of senior advocate Suresh Lal Shrestha in Biratnagar and reached in front of the gate of the high court. According to Morang Police Spokesperson DSP Deepak Shrestha, Lama sustained injuries in various parts of his body including his hands and abdomen. Shrestha said that his condition was stable and he was undergoing treatment at Virat Nursing Home and Biratnagar Hospital.

Lama was accompanied by his friend Subash Sardar, 41, of Katahari-6 in Morang when the khukuri attack took place. Her body and clothes were covered in blood when the incident took place.

“One of the two youths rushed to the court and started throwing khukuri at Lama,” said Sardar, who was also an eyewitness to the incident. According to him, Lama had invested in the brick industry in Katahari of Morang two years ago.

Earlier, the industry was found to belong to Mohammad Sajit of Nocha, Morang, police said. Sajit and his wife had 50/50 percent share in the industry. A preliminary investigation by the police has revealed that Sajit sold 50 percent of the shares in his wife’s name to Lama.

It has been found that the industry in which Sajit and Lama have half share is leased to Lama for 5 years. In return, the Lama promised to give him 50,000 bricks a year. But recently, police say that Sajit has been playing various games to get Lama out of the industry and grab the shares in Lama’s name. This issue had increased the dispute between the two. It is said that the dispute has already reached the police.

Police have estimated that Lama was attacked with a khukuri when he came to Biratnagar for work related to the brick industry.

DSP Shrestha said that it was yet to be ascertained whether Sajit had any involvement in the incident. But Sajit is now out of contact, police said. Police have arrested Vimal Karki, 27, of Biratnagar Metropolitan City-11 for throwing a khukuri at Lama.

DSP Shrestha said that Karki was arrested from near Koshi Hospital in Biratnagar while fleeing with the khukuri used in the incident. According to him, another youth involved in the incident is absconding. According to Shrestha, the search for the unidentified youths has been intensified.

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