Major Functions of Education (B.Ed First Year Notes)

There are a lot of functions of education. The functions of education can be divided into individual functions of education, social functions of education, national functions of education and international functions of education.

The major functions of education and different types of functions of education are described below.

Major Functions of Education

Education is such a weapon that leads people to the path of brightness from the darkness. It is education that makes life bright for everyone.

To be fact, it is easy to remember where education does not work rather than where it works. It means to say that education has various advantages or functions in human life.

The prescribed functions of education by the syllabus are listed below :-

1. Individual Functions of Education

  • Development of innate power
  • Spiritual and morality development
  • Guidance and counseling function
  • Fulfillment of need
  • Re- organization and re-construction of experiences
  • Development of civic knowledge and skills in individuals

2. Social Functions of Education

  • Socialization
  • Development of personality
  • Social control
  • Social integration
  • Provide route for social mobility
  • Social development

3. National Functions of Education

  • Ensuring national development
  • Promoting national integrity
  • Continuous supply of skilled human resources
  • Developing leaders of the nation
  • Protection of civilization and culture
  • Development of civic knowledge

4. International function of education

  • Development of international relation
  • Maintaining the non-interference and peaceful co-existence
  • Development of international understating

Delivery Approaches of Education

There is no single mode of delivery of education in the present world. Therefore, there exist various numbers of delivery approaches to education which is essential to present here. They are as follows :-

  1. Life long education
  2. Alternative approaches of education
  3. Non-formal education
  4. Open education
  5. Correspondence education

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