Music video in Corona Havoc

At one time, music videos became a genre to give money and names to the actors who used to sniff their noses in music videos.

Recently, the production of music videos in Nepal has reached a new height. The music video genre, which one day revolved around limited models and technology, has now taken a wider form. In the Nepali art genre, there was a gap between the music video genre and the film genre. But now the time has come for cinema-related artists to technicians to become strong earnings and income sources, music videos. On top of that, during the Corona Hurricane, the music video came to them like nectar.

When the production and screening of the film came to a standstill in the midst of the Corona wreck, the music video became a strong and powerful basis for the artists and those associated with it. Music video has become a strong genre of giving money and names to actors and actresses who used to work in music videos and sniff their noses. At present, the Nepal Music Video Directors Society has an average of 5 to 10 music videos being made in Nepal per day.

According to Vidhan Karki, president of the society, this figure had increased during the Corona Hour. The average budget of a video is 2 to 1 million and the budget of some has reached 2 million. The budget for the last popular video ‘Bhirma Seti Gai’, from the song record of the song to the production of the music video, had reached Rs 2 million. Vidhan Karki is also one of the directors who made the most music videos from the first Corona Kahar to the second Corona Kahar. He made 60 videos – ‘Corona Kahar has amassed an average of 5,000 music videos in just two years.

Normally, in the first year, between one thousand and fifteen hundred music videos were released, but the production of videos between Corona and Lockdown set a new record. It changed the lifestyles of artists, technicians and video directors. We had Bijog. It is the video that saved us in such a situation. ‘ Hero and model Pushpa Khadka says. The video, made between Corona Kahar and Lockdown, also entertained viewers by watching the video on social media and television.

In Nepal, an average of 80 to 90 films were made annually. An average of Rs 10 million to Rs 20 million is invested in a film. In this regard, it is estimated that Rs 1 billion to Rs 2 billion is invested in the Nepali film sector every year. In the midst of Corona’s devastation, the production and screening of the movie came to a standstill and the music video was revived at a time when it was difficult for artists and technicians to make a living. In this regard, it seems that two billion rupees has been invested in making five thousand videos in the midst of Corona disaster.

The standard of living of the artist working in the video was also raised by the videos made in the middle of Corona Kahar. The artist was paid Rs 25,000 to Rs 300,000 for playing a video. The video not only kept celebrities like Rajesh Hamal, Karishma Manandhar, Pushpa Khadka, Pal Shah, Aanchal Sharma, Swastima Khadka and Pooja Sharma busy in movies, but also established newcomers.

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