NASA is searching astronauts for sending in space

NASA has opened applications for scientists for a new ‘space mission’. NASA is recruiting astronauts to the moon and Mars. NASA has named this mission ‘Artemis Mission’. NASA currently has 40 astronauts. According to NASA, the application process is open from March 2 to 31.

NASA has opened the application from its Twitter. NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein tweeted the application.

Who can apply?

Only US citizens with a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering and mathematics can apply for NASA’s new mission. Not all of these qualifications or degrees are required to have at least two years of professional experience or at least a thousand hours of work.

The selected scientist will also have to pass the ‘Spaceflight’ physical examination for a long time. Once selected, they will have the opportunity to work and live on the International Space Station. NASA has stated that the astronaut who gets a job there will get a salary of 55,000 dollars.

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