New and rare species of bird found in the upper Mustang!

For the first time, a new bird of rare species has been found in the Upper Mustang region.

According to the Annapurna Conservation Area Project, Area Conservation Area Office, Lomanthang, a new bird of Theuwa species, which is considered rare in Nepal, has been found in the area.

The species known as ‘European Roller’ or ‘Eurasian Roller’ has been recorded for the first time in Nepal from the upper Mustang.

Ram Bahadur Gurung, a local tourism entrepreneur and staff of the Area Conservation Office, Lomanthang, captured pictures of the bird two weeks ago in the Kekighang area near Lomanthang, a tourist village in Upper Mustang, which is full of religious art, culture and originality.

Although the images captured by tourist Gurung were initially thought to be found in Nepal, they were sent to Rishi Baral, head of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project’s Jomsom / Lomanthang office and conservation officer of the Annapurna Conservation Area Project under the National Nature Conservation Fund.

After taking the picture, he became convinced that the bird was a ‘European roller’. Various pictures of the bird were sent to ornithologists in Nepal and abroad to confirm the bird’s further identity.

British ornithologist Carol Inskip, Tim Inskip and Nepalese ornithologists Dr. Hemsagar Baral, Som GC, Sanjeev Acharya and others have said that the bird is a ‘European roller’ and so far the bird has not been recorded in Nepal.
Gurung, who regularly observes birds, said that he was excited to record the bird for the first time in Nepal.

Similarly, Conservation Officer Rishi Baral pointed out that more research is still needed to find new birds in Nepal. ‘How did a new species of bird come to this area? How is Yin? ‘ “We have to do more research for that,” he said.

Senior ornithologist Dr. Hem Sagar Baral claimed that the bird found in the upper Mustang was a brand new species. “In fact, experts interested in the bird did a lot of research in the Terai region to find it in Nepal. Eventually, the bird was found in the Upper Mustang,” he said. “This bird has been recorded for the first time in Nepal.

According to him, these birds may have come to a new place when they are adults and more research needs to be done about it. As soon as this species was found in Mustang, the number of birds found in Annapurna region has reached 519.

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