One lakh to the family of the person who died from corona

The Raptisonari Municipality has distributed relief of Rs. Chairman Lahuram Tharu and Vice-Chairman Dhani Kumari Khatri jointly distributed relief to him by organizing a program at the village municipality office.

Earlier, the village municipality had decided to provide one lakh rupees as relief to the families infected with the corona virus. As per the decision of the village municipality, one lakh rupees has been provided to the family of the deceased, said Tharu. Relief has been distributed to 23 families who died of corona virus in Raptisonari Municipality, according to the municipality.  

Tika Khatri, who lost her husband to the corona virus, said that the village municipality has taken care of her. She said, “After the death of the earner, my family had a problem,”. Families like him have expressed their gratitude to the village municipality. Earlier, the village municipality had given Rs 25,000 to the family of the deceased from Corona as food expenses, she said.

The village municipality, which has given priority to identifying and treating the patients infected with corona, has started programs such as prompt examination of every citizen, quick rescue, encouragement of the infected to avoid covid from treatment and relief to the families of the deceased.

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