An Essay on ‘Patriotism’

In the world, there are a few things, people, or ideas and feeling, for what or whom we can never compromise in our life. Among them, patriotism is one of them. The feeling of love from the inner core of heart towards ones’ own country is known as patriotism. In other words, patriotism refers to the love of own country and willingness to defend it. The people who love their own country and are ready to sacrifice their life to defend the country are called patriots. Patriots are always ready to serve and save their motherland. They never think about their own benefits and betterment. They can’t tolerate the interference of the other countries.

Motherland is always greater than heaven for the patriots. They always love and respect our country. They become to sacrifice anything for the sake of their country. In fact, each citizen of the country must be a patriot. A person can never be a good citizen in a real sense if he or she does not love his or her country.

So far as our country Nepali is concerned with the notion of patriotism, there is a glorious history of many patriots in our country. Some of them are Bir BalBhadra Kunwar, Bhimsen Thapa, Amar Singh Thapa, Bhakti Thapa and so on. They fought bravely against the enemies without loving their own lives. All the Nepalese people respect them heartily because of their sacrifice for the sake of the country. They have taught us lessons that our love and respect towards the country should rule over us.

Patriotism is very important for the development of the nation. If all the people of a country are patriots, they will be devoted to the development of the country. Similarly, the patriotic people may not arouse the quarrel and fighting in the country that decreases the crimes in the country and maintain peace. Rather, they truly love their country, respect the people of the country. They enjoy their cultures, customs, festivals, dresses, and diversity of their country.

If we love our country passionately and truly, we must do something for the country. Otherwise, our death will be meaningless. The country should weep on our death. We must abandon our selfish nature today. To make the people patriotic, the children should be taught in school, home, campus, college, etc. Our school and college curriculum should teach our students about the contributions of our forefathers for the sake of our country. Similarly, the parents should also show the significance of loving their own countries. Until and unless one cannot work for the prosperity of the country, he or she cannot be a patriot in a real sense.

Therefore, one should get ready to fight for the nation if the situation demands that or if the country is in the need. Moreover, though we may be far from the country, we may have a deeper love for our country. In this sense, patriotism is a real feeling of love towards the motherland. Finally, mother and motherland are dearer than the heaven.

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