Summary of Poem ‘A Red, Red Rose’ by Robert Burns | NEB Class 11 English

About the Poet of Red Rose

Robert Burns (1759-1796) was a Scottish poet and songwriter. He is regarded as a Scottish national poet and is an important figure in Scottish literature. His father was a hired laborer, and Burns worked as a plowman. He grew up poor but read well and began writing poetry in the Scottish dialect.

In his old age, he was not as successful as his father in subsistence farming. However, in 1791 he stopped farming and moved his family to the nearby town of Dumfries. Unable to recover, on the morning of July 21, 1796, he died in Dumfries at the age of 37. He is best known as a pioneer of the Romantic Movement for his musical poetry.

The poem ‘Red, Red Rose’ is a ballad with songs that describe the speaker’s deep love for his lover and promises that this love will last longer than a person’s life. My favorite speaker is as beautiful as a red rose and as sweet as music. With the help of typewriters, the poet painted a vivid and realistic picture of his deep love.

Summary of ‘A Red, Red Rose’

The poem ‘A Red, Red Rose’ was composed by Scottish poet Robert Burns. It’s a ballad with a voice that expresses the speaker’s deep love for his lover. With the help of typewriters, the poet painted a vivid and realistic portrait of his beloved.

It has four stages in which he expressed his deepest feelings of love. In the first episode, we find the speaker comparing his sweetheart to a red rose in June.

Similarly, he compared her to a musical instrument. The speaker thinks his sweetheart is the attractive, fresh, and soft red rose of June. You take her as the most beautiful woman in the world as sweet as music and as beautiful as the red rose.

In paragraphs two and three, the speaker praises her for her beauty. She is completely influenced by him and therefore in deep love with him. He does not want to stay away from her. He want to be in a deep love relationship for a very long time. He loves him until the seas of the earth dry up and the rocks melt with the sun. He loves her and has blood on her body.

In the last paragraph, the speaker talks about temporary separation but does not quite trust that. She has high hopes of meeting him and wishes her lover a good life and a bright future. He says goodbye to her during a temporary separation but promises that they will meet soon even though the journey is ten thousand miles.

He vows to be with her by overcoming the most difficult challenges. We get the deep love of the speaker from his lover in this poem. It is a poem of comparison, praise, hope, and promise.

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