Relationship between philosophy and education (Foundation of Education unit 6)


Education without philosophy is a blind whereas philosophy without education becomes lame. The relationship between them can be discussed on the basis of following points;

  1. Both philosophy and education are related to human civilization.
  2. The aim of education will never attain complete clearness on itself without philosophy
  3. Philosophy and education are like two sides of a coin, present views of the same thing and that one is implied by the other.
  4. Education is the dynamic side of philosophy. It is an active aspect of philosophical belief, the practical means of realizing ideals of life.
  5. Most of the great philosophers were also great educationist.
  6. Educational doctrines are applications of philosophical ideals.
  7. Philosophy finds the significance of education in human life.
  8. Philosophy gives guidelines to determine various aspects of education and education is means to achieve those aspects.

Comparison Between Philosophy and Education

Philosophy Education
It discovers knowledge and truths. It practices knowledge and truths.
It clarifies concepts and produces beliefs.  It applies beliefs in human life.
 It explains the entire universe.  It adjusts people in universe.
 It presents a guide to the conduct of men.  It helps to conduct according to guide.
 It presents the problems of things, man and society.  It attempts to solve the problems.
 It speculates about everything and finds out realities.  It applies the realities in human life.
 It is the theoretical side of education. It is practical side of philosophy.

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