Essay on Roles of Teacher in Nation Building

“Teachers are the clever gardeners of the nation’s culture. They fertilize the roots of the rituals and by their own labor. Irrigate them and convert them into power. The real builders of a nation are the teachers of that country.”

Maharishi Arvind

The mainstay of education is the teacher. The teacher is not only the builder of the personality of the student but also the builder of the nation.

The embodiment of a nation lies in its citizens. In the development of a

 nation, the role of teachers is important. Because teacher is a person who shape the future of it’s citizens.

Since time immemorial, the importance of a teacher has been praised only because of the knowledge imparted by him.

Even today, teachers can shape the future of the country by building the future of the students with the same devotion. The role of the teacher is not limited to just teaching the students.

Apart from education, it is the responsibility of the teacher to make the students aware of the responsibilities related to social life and to make them capable of building the society.

In future such students become the basis for the development of the society.  So the most important component in the education system is the teacher.

The desires, aspirations and objectives that the society has wished to fulfill through education, it depends on the teacher. It is the responsibility of teachers to fulfill the wishes and aspirations of the society and the nation.

Roles of Teacher in Nation Building

Teacher plays an important role in the mental development of the students. An accomplished teacher can develop the feeling of nationalism in the students through his teaching style.

The sense of nationalism, on the one hand, makes the students patriots and ideal citizens. On the other hand, it also develops national unity among the students.

The role of teacher in the development and building of the nation can be understood in the form of these key points:

(a) Developing the Inner Powers of the Child – According to the famous educationist Froebel, “Education is such a process, which illuminates the inner qualities and powers of the child.” Only a skilled teacher can identify the inner qualities of the child and develop them. Without a teacher this work is not possible.

(b) Developing Personality – According to Woodworth – “Personality is the name of a comprehensive characteristic of the whole behavior of an individual.” In the modern era, it is not enough to develop only the inner powers of the children.

The development of their external personality is also very important. Teacher plays an important role in the development of internal and external personality of the children.

(c) To Awaken the Sense of Sociality – Man is a social animal and it is the responsibility of the teacher to make him friendly to the society. It is the teacher who acquaints the individual with the ideals, values ​​and humanities of the society.

What are the duties and rights of a person towards the society and how to use them properly, all these things are known only by the teacher.

(d) Control of Basic Tendencies – Some basic tendencies are born in children. A teacher purifies those basic tendencies, guides them, and also works to control them.

This develops the personality of the child. The task of the teacher is to improve the basic tendencies of the child and motivate him to serve the society and the nation.

(e) Preparing for Future Life – The teacher imparts education to the students in different subjects and professions. He makes his student capable, who after getting education, can discharge his duties towards family, society and country well.

If the youth of the country is self-reliant, then it will always be helpful in the progress and progress of the nation.

(f) Character-Building and Moral Development – ​​The important role of the teacher is to develop the character and moral development of the children. It is through good education that the child realizes god is great, god is truth, god is beautiful and tries to bring them into his practice.

Mahatma Gandhi also said – “If education is to make its name meaningful, then its main function should be to impart moral education.”

(g) To Develop the Qualities of An Ideal Citizen – It is the ultimate duty of the teacher to develop the qualities of an ideal citizen in the students through his education, so that the student can understand his duties and rights properly and make proper use of them in life.

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(h) Communicating National Feeling – An ideal teacher inculcates national unity and patriotism among the students through his education. The independent existence of a nation depends on its ideal citizens. It is only with their cooperation that the nation becomes prosperous and strong.

Every good citizen is helpful in nation-building and a teacher has to fulfill his nation-building responsibilities by making innocent children good citizens with his effort.

(i) Introducing Culture and National Pride – A good teacher introduces students to their culture and national pride. The teacher instils patriotism in all the students by presenting an ideal with his mind, words and behavior. Children get new direction from teachers and they help in nation-building.

(h) Giving Proper Guidelines – To move forward on the path of progress in life, proper guidance is required. This instruction is of several types; Such as personal guidance, educational guidance and vocational guidance.

Through personal guidance, an attempt is made to solve the personal problems of the person.

A teacher helps his students to become successful citizens of the country by giving proper guidelines in all these subjects.

In Conclusion, Only a skilled teacher makes every student a good doctor, engineer, judicial and administrative officer by giving the best education in all subjects, as well as making him a good human being.

In the absence of social knowledge, on the one hand the student is unable to give the right direction to the society.

On the other hand, in the absence of spiritual knowledge, he takes wrong decisions and takes his family, society, country and the world towards destruction.

Therefore, it is the duty of the teacher to strengthen the foundation of the students from the very beginning and play an important role in building a beautiful and civilized society.

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