Essay on Student Life and Politics

Today’s era is the era of political awakening. Today’s history is the history of national movements. At such times, it is natural for people to become attracted towards politics.

Today, we see that the farmer working in the fields, the worker working in the mills, the young working in the office, the businessman engaged in business, the teacher engaged in teaching etc all have become politicians, there is political awareness in all.

Political debates take place everywhere at the cafe, tea shop to every places of society. Everyone takes interest in political activities.

In countries like Nepal, where there is a democratic system of governance, this political awareness is especially visible.

Needless to say that student is also a part of politically conscious society and that is why they too cannot stay away from politics.

Now the question arises that to what extent is it appropriate for a student to participate in politics? Can a student fulfill his objectives by taking an active part in politics?

The purpose of student life is to acquire knowledge, so they are called a student. This means that student life is a time of learning. The main aim of a student’s life is to make all-round development of life by getting education of different types of knowledge and science. It is time to build life.

While developing physical, mental and intellectual in the student life itself, the future life is prepared. This is the time to build personal and social life.

The ultimate aim of the student is to organize life as an ideal citizen while earning many disciplines like literature, music, history, geography, political science, philosophy, spiritual-science, physical-science etc.

Needless to say that it is absolutely necessary for a student to study political science along with other disciplines, only then they can become a successful citizen in the future.

Students and Politics

We have said that the knowledge of Political Science is absolutely essential for the student. Today’s student will be tomorrow’s leader and politician. But the point to be noted is that this is the time to acquire knowledge of politics and other subjects, not to use them.

In order to understand the theory, experiments are shown to the students in the laboratories using subjects like science etc. But these experiments are meant to explain the experimental form of the principles. The purpose of those experiments is only for the personal development of the students.

This means that the student should acquire all kinds of theoretical knowledge during his study period. Even if the principles are to be understood by using them for samples in laboratories.

In fact, the students do not use the principles in the laboratory, but learn how these experiments will take place in the future.

The same thing should be understood in relation to politics that the theoretical knowledge of politics is necessary for the student. It is also necessary to know the method of its use with the help of teacher.

But knowing politics should be the goal of the student while studying, actively participating can destroy their whole career.

Student should leave the college on the day when he is favored to take part in politics and move beyond student life and enter social and national life and make and develop society and nation.

Those who take active part in politics while being students, they fall from their purpose and are corrupted from their path and their condition is like that of a man who wants to reach the destination quickly before the train stops at the station and jumped from the compartment of a moving train.

Today’s student, it is a matter of regret and the country’s misfortune that today’s student has started taking active part in politics by forgetting the purpose of his knowledge acquisition.

At this time their duty is to spread knowledge by following the discipline of the school, they have the right to get all kinds of facilities of study. But the student forgets his duties and starts fighting for civil rights.

What will happen to the country where the students, who will become the leaders of the country tomorrow, do not perform their duty?

Today, we see students shouting slogans on the streets, agitating against their teachers, breaking the windows of the bus, cause fire to the government buildings, striking on the road, damaging national property, insulting his ancestors, getting himself an obstacle in the way of his progress which is not good for nation and themselves as well. It is hindering the development of the country.


Dear students of a sovereign country Nepal ! Just come to your senses. You have to protect the freedom gained from the blood of our ancestors. You understand your duty and keep your eyes on your goal. It is not right for you to step foot in the thorny path of politics. Now it is not your time to do politics.

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