The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner Summary and Important Question Answers

The Lamentation Of The Old Pensioner

The Lamentation of the Old Pensioner -W.B Yeats The Lamentation Of The Old Pensioner Summary ‘The lamentation of the Old Pensioner’ is an earlier poem revised with a new title. It is composed by an Irish poet and dramatist, W.B. Yeats. The poem presents the poet’s reminiscence of his young life with a contrast of … Read more

About Love Summary and Question Answers

About love and question and answers

About Love summary and question answers –Anton Chekov About Love Summary Revealing his perception about mysterious Love, Anton Chekov in his story ‘About Love’ expresses that love is governed by emotions that don’t care for any physical restriction. Describing three love stories, the writer puts forward logic that, “Love is different in each situation and … Read more

Grandmother Summary And Important Questions and Answers

Grandmother summary

Class : 12 Heritage of Words – Grandmother Summary 1. My Grandmother – Ray Young Bear If I saw her far away, I would immediately know it was her because I would see her purple scarf and plastic shopping bag. If I felt her hand touching my head, I would know they were her hands … Read more