Essay on Newspaper | Importance of Newspaper

Newspaper – Newspaper is the best means to get latest updates of news, accident and current affairs. It is said that News media is the 4th organ of democracy. News media keep on warning to the government in time to time. News media publish and telecast real and original news to people and help to … Read more

Nepal : Country Profile | Information about Nepal |


Background : Early History of Nepal The available evidence of history of Nepal is distant, but the first citizens may have been Tibeto-Burman racists and live in small areas with little political space. Smaller states and international federations controlled various areas of the southern Tarai region. Among these groups was the Sakya family, the most … Read more

Rivers of Nepal | An Essay on ‘Rivers of Nepal’

river of nepal

An Essay on ‘Rivers of Nepal’ Rivers of Nepal – Nepal is the real boon of nature. It is gifted by nature and god. Despite having a small territory and population, it is really rich in various ways. Although Nepal might be economically poor it is naturally rich. There are green forests, lakes, rivers, and … Read more

Essay on Uses of National Resources in Development of Country

Uses of National Resources in Development

Uses of National Resources in Development of Country Every country is gifted with one or more types of national resources. Similarly, Nepal is famous for its glorious natural resources. National resources play a great role in the development of a nation. There is a great role of uses of national resources in development of country. … Read more

Child Right – An Essay on ‘Child Right’

child right

An Essay on Child Right Generally, child right means the right that the children get by birth. It also refers to the confirmation of children to save them from insecurity, illiteracy, exploitation, etc. Children are supposed to enjoy some rights such as the right to shelter, right to food, right to health, right to education, … Read more

Discipline – An Essay on Discipline


An Essay on Discipline In order to make our life humble, worthy, and prestigious, we should follow the various rules and regulations. Out of such thing, discipline is such thing which works as the entrance of anything. Discipline means the habit of doing work according to certain rules. We have to follow some rules in … Read more

An Essay on ‘Festival Celebrated in Our Community’

festival celebrated in our community

An Essay on ‘Festival Celebrated in Our Community’ Festival Celebrated in our Community – As Nepali is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic country, many festivals are celebrated throughout the year. There are many festival celebrated in our community such as Dashain, Tihar, Holi, Teej, etc. Among them, I like the Dashain festival most. It … Read more

An Essay on ‘Unemployment Problem in Nepal’

Unemployment Problem in Nepal

An Essay on ‘Unemployment Problem in Nepal’ The fact of a number of people not having a job is called unemployment. In other words, a person who has to pass time without having got a job to do is called an unemployed person. Unemployment is one of the most serious problems in Nepal. There are … Read more

An Essay on “Poverty Elimination in Nepal’

Poverty Elimination in Nepal

An Essay on “Poverty Elimination in Nepal’ Poverty is such a situation in which people have problems affording even basic needs. Our country Nepal is a developing country. Many people are suffering from poverty. Their income is very low. They do not have enough money to find food, clothes, and shelter. Poverty is seen as … Read more

An Essay on ‘Tourism in Nepal’

Tourism in Nepal

Out of the many resources of income of Nepal, tourism is one the major and important sectors. Normally, tourism means the business activities connected with tourists. People from different countries visit Nepal every year. Nepal is a mountainous country situated on the lap of the Himalayas. Nepal is rich in natural resources like lakes, rivers, … Read more