Teacher effectiveness | Qualities of a good teacher | B.Ed. Note

“If you want to be an effective teacher, do what an effective teacher does.”

Teachers’ teaching can be termed as effective if it produces desired change in the behaviour of students. The effectiveness of a teacher depends on the qualities he/she possesses. The qualities required in a teacher are as follows:

  1. Personal qualities
  2. Social qualities
  3. Professional qualities

1. Personal Qualities

A good teacher must have following personal qualities for being a good teacher:

  1. Good health
  2. Attractive personality
  3. Commanding voice
  4. Interest and enthusiasm
  5. Patience and endurance
  6. Affectionate and sympathetic
  7. Self-confident and having strong willpower
  8. Good moral character
  9. Originality and creativity
  10. Intelligence

2. Social Qualities

A teacher should not be only personally fit and healthy but he/she also must have his/her prestige in society and respected by people of society. The followings things are considered as social qualities for being a good teacher:

  1. Impartial
  2. Co-operative
  3. Maintaining human relation
  4. Sense of service
  5. Polite
  6. Humorous
  7. Leadership
  8. Good understanding of community

3. Professional Qualities

Even a person has both best personal and social qualities but he/she has not professional qualities then he/she cannot be considered as good teacher. Because teaching is a professional art or jobs and a person who wants to be a good teacher then he must have knowledge and ideas about teaching profession. Professional qualities are very important for being a good teacher. The followings qualities fall under professional qualities:

  1. Good knowledge of the subject matter
  2. Good teaching skill
  3. Good understanding of child psychology
  4. Knowledge of the education system
  5. Sense of responsibility
  6. Knowledge of teaching techniques and instructional materials
  7. Having good study habit
  8. Knowledge of learning process

Functions of Effective/Good Teacher

A good teacher or professional teacher has a lot of functions to do but some important functions of a qualified teacher are as follow:

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing
  3. Teaching function
  4. Supervisory function
  5. Guidance and counseling function
  6. Evaluating and recording function
  7. Establishing and maintaining a relationship
  8. Miscellaneous functions
  • Asking people of society to contribute in school
  • Organizing educational tour
  • Observing various festivals, meals,etc

Criteria for judging teachers’ effectiveness

To judge a teacher for his/her effectiveness, a person should do such work focusing on the following criteria:

  1. A teacher should be capable to deal with students according to their maturity level. They should be capable to teach the students according to child psychology.
  2. They should have good motivating capability.
  3. They should be a good planner and strategist to adjust their plan according to the changing condition.
  4. They should have variety of teaching methods to maximize the learning of student.
  5. They should be a good manager to manage teaching learning in the classroom.
  6. They should be a good manager to manage teaching learning in the classroom.
  7. They should be skillful to develop and use instruction material to make teaching effective.
  8. They should be resourceful and should have a sound academic background.
  9. They should have good evaluation skills.
  10. They should be capable to use feedback for the improvement of the learning of students.

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