Teaching training and its importance | B.Ed Note

Training refers to a process of shaping the conduct and skills that involve power, motion, duration, and coordination among sensory organs, muscles, and principles of learning by doing, practice and feedback.

According to Torpey, “Training refers to a process of developing skills, habit, knowledge, and attitudes in employment.”

Since teaching is a skillful job, the skill of teaching can be developed through training. Teaching needs different skills like skills of motivating, presenting, explaining, classroom management, evaluation, preparing and using instructional materials, planning, questioning, reinforcing, etc. and all these skills can be developed through training.

Importance of Teacher Training

The importance of teacher training have been described in the following points:

  1. Teacher training makes teaching-learning effective.
  2. It makes the teaching profession prestigious.
  3. It develops qualitative manpower.
  4. It helps in educational technology, research, and innovation in teaching.
  5. It helps to give knowledge of child psychology and to use them.
  6. It develops self-discipline in teacher and his/her characteristics.
  7. It helps in managing, organizing, leading, and controlling in teaching.
  8. It increases professional efficiency on the part of teachers.
  9. It helps to develop educational and instructional plans and to use them.
  10. It provides the knowledge of different methods of teaching to trainee teachers.
  11. It trains the trainees about the factors affecting the learning of learners.

12. As a makes the teacher aware of the qualities of a good teacher, teachers can develop these qualities in them.

In Conclusion, the above-mentioned points entail that no effective teaching is possible without the provision of sufficient training to teaching.

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