Things to understand while taking air tickets

The season of Dashain Tihar has started. Finding a vehicle to go home has begun to plague many. Whether it is for air travel or road travel, advance ticket booking for Dashain Tihar is an ongoing process every year.

Advance tickets are usually issued for the purpose of securing seats in any vehicle and avoiding unnecessary fares. In the case of air travelers, it is not possible to carry more passengers than the seat capacity, so many people book tickets in advance to secure seats rather than for a fee.

Why do so many people have different air tickets to the same destination? Many may be curious. Airline operators determine the price of a ticket based on demand. For example, many travelers look for a ticket during the decade to get to a destination. Due to which the demand increases and its price also increases. With regular flights and normal weather, this price may go down. So this price may vary according to the time and shipping company.

One thing is that many people have a problem when there is no facility to see whether there are empty seats on the ship or how many seats have been booked. So it can also increase some confusion. Travel companies that are open for ticketing can also see this. So it is difficult to know what the demand is. But the price of a ticket goes up even when the road is destroyed by the rain during the festival.

Things to understand on air tickets

There are many reports of passengers being cheated by buying a double ticket while traveling in a car. But many may not even know that air tickets are fraudulent. But some may even have cheated on air tickets. So be careful.

There are many things to consider when traveling for the first time. What is the purpose of the cotton provided by the air hostess to the first time travelers? May not be sure It is allowed to be placed in the ear for the protection of the ear while boarding the aircraft. There is a lot of information to keep in mind while traveling.

At what age is Hawaii exempt? Many may be curious about that. Generally, children up to 2 years of age are not charged for air tickets. Even if you pay a limited fee for one trip, there is no other charge. Another question may be whether senior citizens are exempted from air tickets. As per the government rules, discounts have been provided for senior citizens and the disabled. Such facility is also being implemented in Nepal Airlines Corporation. But private airlines have not been able to implement it.

Some people like to take their dogs, cats, etc. with them on their journey. But it is not so easy during air travel. Now, during the Corona epidemic, it has been tightened to move animals such as dogs and cats. At other times, such four-wheelers can be taken in a special box only after giving prior notice to the airline company. The rules may vary according to the airline.

Another thing is to drink alcohol during the flight. On some international flights, passengers are given alcohol. But is it possible to travel by plane after drinking alcohol? It is not found. Drinking alcohol outside is not allowed on the plane. In Nepal’s domestic flights, it is also banned inside the aircraft. This way, with this and similar information, it is much easier to travel by air.

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