An Essay on ‘Tourism in Nepal’

Out of the many resources of income of Nepal, tourism is one the major and important sectors. Normally, tourism means the business activities connected with tourists. People from different countries visit Nepal every year. Nepal is a mountainous country situated on the lap of the Himalayas. Nepal is rich in natural resources like lakes, rivers, waterfalls, green forests, flour, and fauna, etc. Nepal is known as the birthplace of Gautam Buddha, as the country of Sagarmatha, as the second richest country in water, etc. So there is a great possibility of the tourism sector in Nepal.

There are many advantages of tourism. Firstly, tourists spend a lot of currency while staying in Nepal. They buy the goods as a memento. We can earn foreign currency from them. To be fact, tourists who come to Nepal to visit stay about 13 days in their one arrival on average. Similarly, they spend forty-eight US dollars per day. Moreover, tourists need some guides to visit different places. For this, many youths get employment. They see many things with their camera. When they go back from Nepal, they talk about our culture, dress, ornaments, festivals, society, natural beauty, etc. in their own country which helps to make our country popular all over the world. Nepalese people also get the chance to learn their language, customs, and tradition. They buy the ancient traditional goods that help us to preserve our arts and handicrafts.

They like to visit the places where there are good facilities of hotels, transportation, drinking water, electricity, communication, etc. The government, as well as people, should try to fulfill these needs of the tourists. There is no doubt that tourists will stay longer and come to visit again if they got the opportunities and access of what they were expecting in our country. As tourists are guests, we should give them good respect. We can observe two kinds of tourists who visit the places. One is internal tourists. The people who visit the various places of their own country are internal tourists. And those tourists who visit another country are termed, international tourists. However, both types of tourists lay the foundation for the development of any country.

We should not only consider the benefits from tourists. We should be aware too. Some of the communicable diseases can be spread by them in our country. Some of the beauty spots are getting polluted because of tourism. We can see many bottles, plastic bags, and other wastes at the peak of the mountain. Some of the tourists commit the crime in their own country and come to Nepal for shelter.

Anyway, we must welcome and respect the tourists with our open hearts. Sometimes tourists are looted and killed. They must be ensured security. Most of the tourist spots are in remote areas. There is no facility for roads yet. There are not standard hotels in remote areas. The government should consider these problems. If we succeed to provide all the facilities to the tourists, tourism in Nepal will flourish smoothly.

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