What is an oxygen sensor ?

Some researchers at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, USA, have invented an ‘oxygen sensor’ in the shape of a ‘band-aid’. The sensor can be attached to the skin. It records the amount of oxygen in the blood. It has the ability to send all recorded information to the doctor through the internet.

It is a flexible wireless device built at low cost. How much oxygen is in the blood by connecting to the internet? That all data can be viewed.

It was invented especially for newborns. So that even if the baby goes home from the hospital, the doctor can easily find out the amount of oxygen in his blood.

The information provided by it can be viewed by connecting to the app on the smartphone. If the amount of oxygen in the blood is reduced, the app of the smartphone gives information. This device uses an ‘optical sensor’. This is a very useful device especially for babies with asthma and respiratory problems.

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