You can’t become a comedian without freedom

What can you do to affect the world in 16 minutes? Sita Neupane from Chitwan made many fans her fans with a 16-minute stand-up comedy.

She used the problems and behaviors of middle class families as the content of comedy. That is why Sita’s ‘Middle Class Problems’ has been watched by almost 1 million people from the official YouTube of ‘Nepgazm’ for 4 months. More than 35,000 people have commented.

In ‘Middle Class Problems’, Sita presents the range of thoughts of the common people living in the city, their happiness, worries and problems in an interesting style. In the last few years, new faces and content have appeared in stand-up comedy. But Sita’s style is different and original.

Sita style

Because his comedy has touched many, he has presented the interest of the common people and small problems in an interesting way. However, Sita became known through her first comedy ‘Ke Hereko Bay’. But what she told society from middle class problems was largely original, realistic, and profound.

Especially in stand-up comedy, the presence of women is low. Many of them have not made content on social and political issues. Sita is separated from their crowd. Sita is one of the few women comedians to make political issues stand-up comedy content.

His ‘strategy’ is an example of that. Along with this, she has made a new use of Battle in Nepali comedy. His battle comedy with Lekhmani Trital has become popular in a short time. This was probably the first ‘comedy replay’ to be fought in stand-up comedy.

Sita siting

From Chitwan to Kathmandu:

After SLC from Mangalpur in Chitwan, she came to Kathmandu to do Plus Two. When he reached Kalanki of Kathmandu by micro bus, he was greeted for the first time by the garbage and stench piled up on the side of the road.

‘It’s different than I thought. Garbage piled up on the road near Kanlaki, the smell made me want to go back to Chitwan as I couldn’t open my nose. I was able to spend two years living in the city, ‘she says.’ The village is a feeling and the city is an obligation. It took me a long time to get inside the city. ‘

Since Sita has been joking and having fun since childhood, it was not difficult for her to mingle with strangers in the city. While studying in Kathmandu, she thought only of studying well and getting a job.

After passing Plus Two, she returned to Chitwan to do B.Sc. She did her BSc in Microbiology at the Birendra Multipurpose Campus in Bharatpur. Then I came back to Kathmandu to do MSc. She is currently pursuing her MSc thesis from Tribhuvan University.


Sita’s entry in comedy:

With the cold weather of January, she applied to the stand-up comedy Nepgazm. Comedy was his passion. From an early age, she enjoyed watching comedy shows on television. She used to have fun with her friends all day at school. The performances of Madan Krishna and Harivansh, known as the mahjodi of the Nepali entertainment sector, drew Sita into comedy.

But lately, she is looking for a new subject in comedy. She is attracted to comedy that transforms society. ‘I don’t like comedy that combines religion, caste and gender. Comedy should be done to motivate the society. I pay as much attention to such things as possible. ‘ Sita said. Don’t make fun of him by making derogatory and defamatory presentations.

A month after applying to Nepgajam, Sita got a call for a comedy audition. He had only two days to prepare for the audition. Sita was also a little nervous as it was the first presentation of her life. To boost her self-confidence, she sang behind the scenes and had fun for a while. Addison was not as crowded as before because of Corona. That’s why it was easy for him to show the presentation.

She started her comedy performance from ‘Ke Hereko Bay’. In it, she has satirized the way of thinking of the Nepali society that thinks about the name saying that she is not as dignified as the name. ‘A person does not behave like a name. She had satirized the comments and messages made against women on social media. She laughed at Addison on issues such as women’s freedom, rights, and the problems caused by unemployment.

After the first comedy, he started getting praise through phone, message and social media. This made him even more enthusiastic. After this, Sita has also satirized the government on many social issues including ‘middle class problems’ and ‘politics’.

Many liked his comedy. Even the neighbors of the village had called Sita from the first audition. ‘Nani, I got a call saying that I enjoyed watching your video. Then I got the energy to work, ‘she said.

Sita argues that every comedian should be free. ‘Comedians should be free from every whim. You can’t become a comedian without being independent. Women need more freedom. Since you have to be open in comedy, you have to talk a lot. You have to give the gesture according to the speech. Therefore, women’s participation in stand-up comedy is low. Women are rarely seen in comedy due to their dislike of talking too much, ‘said Sita.

She also thinks it is necessary to be socially wide to become a comedian. However, she is comfortable with Sita’s personal situation. She thinks that she has come here with the help of her family. ‘When I give an audition, even if one of the family members applauds, it gives me a lot of courage. So happiness is necessary in sorrow with family. You have to say I am. ‘

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